Content Pack Out

Packing Services

  • Inventory, removal, cleaning and storage of structural contents after fire, smoke or water loss
  • Method preferred by many insurance providers


Home Packing Service:

Our professional home packing service is much more than us just packing your stuff in boxes and calling it a day. When you hire Dry Tech Restoration as your home packing service provider you can rest assured that your belongings will be packed with care. Our packing service experts have years of experience and know how to get your packing moving! We take business packing and home packing very seriously. Every item will be perfectly protected using all needed packing materials at no additional cost. Packing and moving fragile kitchenware or antiques & artwork is not a problem. Our expert packers can quickly execute your home packing or office packing with great skill while keeping all packed boxes organized to ease your upcoming move.


Business Packing Service:

Strategic planning, clean packing & detailed labeling sets Dry Tech Restoration apart from other business packing companies. The most important part of a business packing service is organization. All boxes are numbered and labeled to eliminate guesswork. We even offer after hours packing & moving as well as a weekend office packing service at the same great rate. So if your business needs help packing get the professional packing service you need & the flexibility you want at an amazing price!